PortfolioK. Leah Coleman


Rainfelt Design Comp Preview Rainfelt Creative Design was my first design comp for a mock up website for my own name brand. The theme goes hand in hand with the logo of the same name.

Sarah's Delivery Service Preview Sarah's Delivery Service is a simple mock-up preview of a mobile site for flower delivery.

NC Zoo Mobile Site NC Zoo Mobile was a class project to create a mobile site for the NC State Zoo using JQuery Mobile. It is best viewed on a mobile device or resized browser window.

Mudhead Products MudHead Products was an end of semester project in my e-commerce site. It was created using PHP and MySQL. This is only a preview of the website's design.

Gem Valley NC Website Gem Valley NC is one of the first clients I ever designed for, and I have been maintaining their site for many years now. They are a small tourist business located in the mountains of North Carolina and wanted a very "mountainy" feel to their website as a whole. You should definitely check them out, especially if you're a fan of gem mining!