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I started out several years ago making graphics and small static web pages about various topics of interest. Since then, I have freelanced as a graphic artist, sketch artist, and web designer for commission work and small business.

I have turned what was a fun hobby into a passionate and budding career. Web design gives me the opportunity to execute my creativity and analytical thinking simultaneously, combining both to make detailed and unique web projects.

I have a strong interest in UX Design (User Experience Design) for both mobile and desktop web. Having spent years in customer service and working in a community not comfortable or confident in a lot of the more modern technologies, I have only had an increasing desire to be able to make these devices and applications less frustrating or frightening. Too many times have I heard someone get upset at a device or program they are attempting to use, and from observation I can see it is not a problem with the functionality, but rather a problem with the understanding. I want to help with that.

Please contact me with any inquiries about projects, employment, or commissions. I am always interested in taking on new projects and challenges.